Our Core Purpose

Enabling people to succeed  -  together


To make your way in life you need 3 things:
A deep sense of inner purpose and the will to renew it.
A clear vision of where you want to get to and the energy to pursue it.
And courage.  Courage to take steps which others might fear to take.

Ralph Coverdale


This is why we exist. This is what we are about. Our whole reason d'etre is to help others be successful.

That is why we get up in the morning and other people's success is what gives us our buzz.

It guides everything that we do.


Our Values



  • Our history - Coverdale is the originator of corporate coaching and one of the pathfinders in experiential learning, with over 45 years of hands on experience
  • Our training programmes develop real skill not just impart knowledge - and deliver sustainable solutions
  • We will only take on your business if we can help improve your organisation
  • 96% of our business is repeat business or comes from client referral
  • We will only do the right thing for the benefit of a client's organisation, which may mean saying 'no'
  • All our people have hands on senior management experience
  • Coverdale has worked in over  80 countries worldwide
  • If we can't help you and add real value we won't take your money




How we work with our clients


At Coverdale we work in partnership with our clients to jointly develop solutions which suit their strategic aims.  We will link every activity to the real needs of your organisation in a relentless pursuit to generate the required results.

We take a holistic approach to any assignment, which means everything we do for you relates to your wider business and is firmly aligned to what your organisation is looking to achieve.  In doing so, we provide you with the following:


In terms of what your organisation is trying to achieve


In respect of the resources, effort and energy required to achieve your aims and objectives.


Of people across your organisation to ensure they are motivated and capable of delivering towards a common vision.

This can be applied to whole organisations, departments, smaller teams or individual projects.


  • Everyone has the capacity to learn and develop new skills.  We do not reach, we provide deliberate opportunities to learn.
  • Experience precedes theory:  what you learn for yourself is much more powerful than being told or taught.  Therefore experiential learning is the key to real skill development.
  • There is no perception without contrast.  Our practices create the necessary contrast to help people see more clearly.
  • Review is the amplifier of learning.  We encourage, inspire and enable positive reflection, so that the learning and what to do with it becomes apparent.
  • Learning happens more effectively in a deliberate environment.  We create environments where people feel confident to leave their comfort zone and try new things; and environment where openness, transparency and fun are encouraged.  This supports successful learning.
  • Learning needs to be applied in order to add value.  Our designs and practices support the transfer and application of learning into the real world.

Our Heritage

Coverdale was established in 1965 by Ralph Coverdale.

Ralph was a man of great insight and passionate beliefs, and was strongly driven by the view that co-operation to mutual benefit was infinitely more productive than conflict and competition.  Ralph Coverdale died in 1975 aged 56.  By his peers he was recognised as the man who 'invented' coaching and was a pathfinder in the field of inductive  and experiential learning.

Coverdale has developed from a UK training organisation into a well established international consultancy and has helped provide organisations and their people with the vision, creativity, commitment and skill necessary to bring about sustainable change, performance improvements and enhanced bottom line results.

Hundreds of thousands of people in over 80 countries world-wide have been touched by the methods Ralph Coverdale developed.

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